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McCain against USA

Is McCain trying to destroy USA?

Let me see the list:

1. McCain-Feingold – the most blatant attack for political freedom of speech. The act places ludicrous limitations on how candidates for political office can be criticised in an election race. If he insane? I do not know! Does he try to silence freedom of speech? YES!

2. McCain-Kennedy – his creating this piece of liberal vomit legislation was like a slap in my face. I am a legal immigrant, I became a US citizen three years ago. I never have thought that a Republican would be so hare-brained where it comes to respecting the immigration laws and border security of this nation. Today he acts as if immigration laws do not count. Perhaps, tomorrow he will say Fifth Amendment does not count too?

Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, steal IDs and Social Security numbers, violate our sovereign right to secure borders, violate immigration laws. Many of the illegals come back and repeat same offences even if deported, exacerbating insult to American laws and sovereignty. If you want to come to USA, please do so – but respect our laws and our borders, damn it! Is it too much to ask for you to come respect our laws and ask for a permission to enter our country? I am an immigrant, and if I did it, so can you.

3. McCain’s libel against Romney – to suggest that private discussion between President of USA and Prime Minister of Iraq about strategy and timetables amounts to supporting a public date for withdrawal is stupid! Has McCain lost his mind demanding that US President not even think about possibility that US troops might be needed elsewhere? Isn’t that the very definition of strategy – discussing ALL possible scenarios, including withdrawal?

4. McCain says leadership is not management – any good manager, by definition is a good leader. His assertion is just moronic. So, McCain wants to be just a “leader” but not a “manager”? Hmm, German word for leader is Furer, so, I guess, McCain wants to be the Furer of America. What about actually doing some work – like planning a war, managing (yes, managing) economy? He spent all his political life in Washington, what does he know about management of economy or management or bureaucracy? Nothing! He is a professional “talker”, whose only claim to fame is crappy McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy bills. He supported surge? Good for him, but that does not excuse his horrific ignorance of other issues, just like economy and immigration.

McCain was a great hero and a great soldier. But as a politician, he consistently takes position that I cannot characterize any other way as being against interests of USA. He is a deeply misguided man who may cause America a huge deal of harm if elected.

[h/t: 2008Voter – McCain versus me]


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Democrats are cherry-picking facts to justify abandonment of Iraqi people by USA.

Democrats lobby American people to justify withdrawal from Iraq. In doing so, they engage in very thing the accused Bush administration of doing in the run-up to the war : cherry-picking of facts.

1. No Democratic leader has even mentioned the issue of imminent genocide that will transpire in Iraq once Americans leave. Has Vietnam taught USA anything at all? The moment our enemies — Iran and/or Al-Qaeda — will gain territory left by Americans, they will gladly slit throats of Iraqis friendly to America we left behind. I am talking about Iraqis, who gullibly believed American promises of “Democracy” and “freedom”, I am talking about Iraqis who enlisted in Iraqi Police and Army.

2. No Democratic leader has even mentioned recent military, diplomatic, and infrastructure successes in Iraqas if the change in Anbar province, for instance, has not happened at all. What major news outlets shrieking Baghdad without power — where are they now, today, to shed light on successes of Iraqi reconstruction?

I admit, maybe invasion of Iraq was a mistake. Certainly, if I knew how Bush would fumble it, I would not have agreed to it. But any reasonable man has to agree —

1. We started war in 2003. Nothing we can do today can change that. Iraqi people did not choose this war — WE DID!

2. If we withdraw, we LOOSE by admitting that Al-Qaeda and/or Iran is more powerful than our military.

2. If we withdraw, we will let Iraqi militias to kill ALL who they see as friend of America in Iraq (just like it happened in Vietnam).

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Why world hates America (not because of what you think)

World hates America not because America start wars, but because America does not have guts to finish them to the end.

America dumped its allies in Vietnam when war became too “inconvienient” — resulting in deaths of millions at the hands of Communists. Then America dumped its allies in the Somalia when war became too “inconvienient” politically for Clinton — resulting in deaths of hundeds of thosands of people at the hands of warlords.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we are preparing to do it again — IRAQ!

We are the laughing stock of the world, the cowardly cheapskate of the country, which betrays its allies at the earliest convenience.

We started war in Iraq — for better or for worse, we did that.

We got Iraqis involved in it — for better or for worse, we did that too.

And now, we are preparing to tell them : “Go clean your own damn mess”? No wonder world hates America — nobody likes country you cannot trust.


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