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Why Romney is much better candidate than McCain

1. Mitt Romney is a brilliant guy. He graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School and also grauated top five percent from Harvard Business School. WOW! McCain, on other hand, graduated near bottom of his class from Annapolis.

2. Mitt Romney is an incredibly smart business leader and manager. He made himself into a multi-millionaire that he is. He was, among many other things, a CEO of fantastically successful venture capital company. His investment propelled forward companies like: Staples, Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Domino’s Pizza, Sealy, Brookstone, and The Sports Authority. He earned his 200 million himself! Of course, as a son of Michigan Governor he was not poor before, but his leadership skills and business acumen is unequaled among all politicians for the past 10 years. George W. Bush was in business too, but he was far from ever being as successful as Romney. And what did McCain do in the same time? He passed liberal legislation like McCain-Feingold, McCain-Lieberman, and McCain-Kennedy.

3. Romney is a true conservative, McCain is a closet liberal. Any true republican should be ashamed of McCain who co-authored leftist bills like McCain-Kennedy illegal immigrant amnesty, McCain-Feingold anti-free speech bill, and McCain-Lieberman global warming bill. When law-abiding immigrants like myself and American citizens rose against McCain-Kennedy he called us — including me! — a NATIVIST! That was equivalent to him spitting in my face. Thank you, Senator, I will always remember how you stabbed me, a legal immigrant, in a back!

4. McCain is supported by corrupt Republican establishment, and voting against him is voting against them. All those fake Republicans who wasted away Republican-dominated Senate and White House, who failed this country so miserably, now support McCain. Why? Because they know that “turn-around artist” Mitt is going to make their life living hell if he will be elected. No more political power plays, no more betraying principles. We need someone in the White House who would destroy the corrupt establishment and freshen the atmosphere in Washington — and that is what Romney used to do for living in private sector! He will do it brilliantly! McCain, on other hand, is a part of establishment, and he deserves all the blame for the failures of Republican Congress just like any other Republican Senator!

5. Romney is a realist and a common-sense strategist, while McCain is an illogical populist. Romney believes that it is a duty of President to discuss privately all options and strategies of War in Iraq – including how to win the war and bring the troops home with victory. McCain’s accusation that private discussion of end-game strategy in Iraq is tantamount to publicly announcing withdrawal of troops is ludicrous! McCain wants our Guantanamo to try to impress foreigners, while Romney wants to keep Guantanamo open! McCain wants us to be popular in the world, while Romney wants us to be safe!

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McCain against USA

Is McCain trying to destroy USA?

Let me see the list:

1. McCain-Feingold – the most blatant attack for political freedom of speech. The act places ludicrous limitations on how candidates for political office can be criticised in an election race. If he insane? I do not know! Does he try to silence freedom of speech? YES!

2. McCain-Kennedy – his creating this piece of liberal vomit legislation was like a slap in my face. I am a legal immigrant, I became a US citizen three years ago. I never have thought that a Republican would be so hare-brained where it comes to respecting the immigration laws and border security of this nation. Today he acts as if immigration laws do not count. Perhaps, tomorrow he will say Fifth Amendment does not count too?

Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, steal IDs and Social Security numbers, violate our sovereign right to secure borders, violate immigration laws. Many of the illegals come back and repeat same offences even if deported, exacerbating insult to American laws and sovereignty. If you want to come to USA, please do so – but respect our laws and our borders, damn it! Is it too much to ask for you to come respect our laws and ask for a permission to enter our country? I am an immigrant, and if I did it, so can you.

3. McCain’s libel against Romney – to suggest that private discussion between President of USA and Prime Minister of Iraq about strategy and timetables amounts to supporting a public date for withdrawal is stupid! Has McCain lost his mind demanding that US President not even think about possibility that US troops might be needed elsewhere? Isn’t that the very definition of strategy – discussing ALL possible scenarios, including withdrawal?

4. McCain says leadership is not management – any good manager, by definition is a good leader. His assertion is just moronic. So, McCain wants to be just a “leader” but not a “manager”? Hmm, German word for leader is Furer, so, I guess, McCain wants to be the Furer of America. What about actually doing some work – like planning a war, managing (yes, managing) economy? He spent all his political life in Washington, what does he know about management of economy or management or bureaucracy? Nothing! He is a professional “talker”, whose only claim to fame is crappy McCain-Feingold and McCain-Kennedy bills. He supported surge? Good for him, but that does not excuse his horrific ignorance of other issues, just like economy and immigration.

McCain was a great hero and a great soldier. But as a politician, he consistently takes position that I cannot characterize any other way as being against interests of USA. He is a deeply misguided man who may cause America a huge deal of harm if elected.

[h/t: 2008Voter – McCain versus me]

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Judge lets man accused of child molestation go because court could find translator

This is so outrageous, that it not only has been mentioned by Michelle Malkin, but even by russian-language Independent Newspaper (Nezavisimaya Gazeta).

“Charges against a man accused of raping and repeatedly molesting a 7-year-old girl have been dropped because the court took too long to find an interpreter fluent in his native West African language.

Prosecutors pointed out that Kanneh attended high school and community college in Montgomery and spoke to detectives in English.

A court-appointed psychiatrist recommended that an interpreter be appointed and judges who handled subsequent hearings heeded that advice.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge Katherine D. Savage dismissed the nearly three-year-old case against Mahamu Kanneh last week, saying the delays had violated the Liberian immigrant’s right to a speedy trial.”

SOURCE — Patterico’s Pontifications

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LEGAL immigrants are against ILLEGAL immigration!!!

Finally someone important in blogosphere notices the millions of LEGAL immigrants like me who are against ILLEGAL immigration!

Finally someone says it like it is: the choice is not between illegal immigration or no immigration – the choice is between ILLEGAL and LEGAL immigration !

We, LEGAL Immigrants pay taxes just like US citizens. We obey laws. We pledge to protect Constitution when we become citizens.

We, LEGAL Immigrants do not want others to steal our tax money and our security by being in here ILLEGALLY!!!

Nine million of us, LEGAL immigrants entered US in past 10 years LEGALLY! We will not tolerate the orgy of illegality – ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS!


For those interested in hard facts – here is Dept. of Homeland Security statistical data on past ten years of LEGAL immigration to USA!

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Why Liberals want to destroy Freedom of Speech

This whole “Fairness Doctrine” thing got me thinking.

Democrats are interested in free speech only if it is “good” free speech – that is “liberal” free speech. God forbid the subject of being said is stronger border security – that is not “good”, that is “bad” speech, which could originate (according to liberals) only from people who are “racist” and “nativist”.

Liberals are the only group of people who, if you do not agree with them, accuse you of commit some sort of through-crime! “How dare you not agree with me on Iraq – you must be a neanderthal ignorant chicken-hawk moron!

How can, I, a LEGAL immigrant who is for strong border security, be “nativist” or “racist”? Since when being against violating law is equal to being racist?

In short, Fairness Doctrine just shows the lengths to which Liberals will go to shut us up – the conservative voters and citizens. They are ready to outlaw our thinking and our speech!

This is an extended comment left on Wit or Wisdom.

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LEGAL Immigrant against ILLEGAL Immigration!

The term “Illegal Immigration” makes as much sense for current situation as the term “Illegal Borrowing” for theft. Illegal immigrants violate US Federal laws and steal from all of those who are here legally – including 9 million LEGAL immigrants who LEGALLY came to USA between 1997 and 2006 (Dept of Homeland Security statistic – Excel file).

I repeat : 9 million LEGAL immigrants came to US LEGALLY, from 1997 to 2006! By the way, me and my family are the part of those 9 million. Is it even remotely fair that despite of the fact that illegal immigrants use our hospitals, schools, and roads just as LEGAL immigrants, LEGALS must pay taxes, while illegals do not have to?

If 9 million LEGAL immigrants came here between 1997 and 2006 and live here happily while complying with the law, is it too much to ask that illegals comply with the laws just as other 9 million of LEGAL immigrants do?

Besides, if it is OK to violate one law – Federal Immigration Law in particular – , why is it not OK to violate the other law, let us say, Constitution? Who is to choose which law is to be enforced and which law is to be not enforced? You? Me? Illegal immigrants violate the law – period. You might not like law, but you must follow it – as a sovereign country, as a democratic society built on fair and just law, United States must demand that all persons who come here comply with our laws.

There are laws already out there which are ingored – ENFORCE THEM!

There are LEGAL immigrants who are suffer because of Immigration backlogs : as Michelle Malking says, CLEAR THE DAMN BACKLOGS – read here and here .

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