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Racist bigot demagogue Al Sharpton hosting HardBall?! YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING!

I just was watching the HardBall – guess who was the host : Al Sharpton !

This is the guy who encouraged college kids to “off them pigs“(youtube).

This is the guy who said that blacks “taught astrology and mathematics before Socrates and any of them Greek homos got around.(I quote the part 1:15 into the clip) He also said in that clip blacks “built pyramids when white folks were still in caves”.

This guy is a racist demagogue, whose most famous recent accomplishment has been the leading the lynch-mob against innocent white college kids in Duke.

Why is it that while liberals whine about Coulter, this man hosts TV shows?

Why is that his remarks are apparently OK with the majority of liberals who are silent? Do they condone black supremacists and racists? Is it OK to be a black racist?

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