Kosovo is free. This is why.

Let me remind everyone: Serbs made an unsuccessful attempt to exterminate Muslim Kosovars from Kosovo in 1999. If it wasn’t for US and NATO, they would have been successful. As far as civilized world is concerned, whatever claim Yugoslavia (Serbia) had to Kosovo, they forfeited it the day they started mass-murder, mass-rape, and mass-expulsion of human beings in Kosovo who were Albanian. 

Quoted from “War Crimes in Kosovo” Human Rights Watch report:

On March 24, 1999, the eyes of the world turned to Kosovo as aircraft from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization began to bomb targets in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The start of NATO’s air war against Yugoslavia was also the beginning of the bloodiest period in Kosovo since the end of the Second World War. In the twelve weeks that followed, Serbian and Yugoslav military, police, and paramilitaries expelled more than 850,000 ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, internally displacing several hundred thousand more.1 Many were robbed and beaten as they were forced from their homes, which were frequently looted and burned. Scores of women were raped. Thousands of adult males were detained, and many of them were executed, in some cases together with women, children, and the elderly, although the total number of civilians executed is still unclear (see section on Death Toll below). In more than a dozen mass killing sites, government forces tried to hide the evidence by destroying or removing bodies. The brutal campaign against ethnic Albanian civilians came to a halt only after the withdrawal of Yugoslav soldiers and Serbian police and paramilitaries and the entry of NATO forces on June 12, 1999.


  1. Elisa said

    How does this history translate to the recent decision to “free” Kosovo? I was hoping you would provide a more in-depth analysis. All I got was a history lesson.

  2. armilnov said

    First: it is unbelievably cynical to brand very recent attempt at genocide as “history”. Is Holocaust “just history” to you as well?

    *** Let me remind you: Serbs in Yugoslavia tried to exterminate all Muslims – men, women, children – from Kosovo, just like roaches from a kitchen. Serbs did not try to fight KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), they did not attempt any counter insurgency campaign – they started killing and raping civilians by THOUSANDS instead, and – as recent riots in Belgrade show – are still proud of it! ***

    Second, what is wrong with my analysis?
    1. Serbs tried to kill ALL Muslims in Kosovo. Thankfully, US intervened – otherwise, people would be probably blaming US right now for “not connecting the dots”.
    2. They demonstrated blatant lack of remorse, and showed that they are likely to do that again.
    3. By trying to “cleanse” their land of Muslims, they forfeited any moral authority to hold on to it. I do not care how holy Kosovo is – Serbs must be punished according to the disgusting crime committed by their Democratically elected government. Free Kosovo is the only punishment that fits the crime.

  3. Do the Mexicans have a right to reclaim large sections of the Southwestern United States? If not, why not? What about the American Indians? Surely they suffered extremely horrendous abuses at the hands of the colonialists and the Americans.

    When USA Military will start raping and killing on sight every citizen of Southwestern United States who is Mexican following orders of Democratically-elected president (just like Milosevic) then YES, in that case Mexicans will have all the right to secede.

    Let me also remind you: Serbs have zero remorse. I am yet to see any Serb apologize for monstrosities that happened in Kosovo in 1998. The genocide in Kosovo was, and apparently is, supported and approved of HUGE portion of Serb electorate. They deserve what they get.

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