What would YOU choose: waterboarding for a day or ten years in prison?

The “waterboarding is torture” argument is silly. I think any guy who is sane would rather be waterboarded for a day rather than spend a decade in prison. Hell, I would choose to be waterboarded for TWO days rather than taking a shower with twenty 250-pound convicts even once.

So, does that mean that prison sentences are MORE of a torture that waterboarding?

No, of course not.

So what is torture? Hammer to the toes and fingers, powerdrill to the kneecaps and the skull, screwdriver to gauge out the eyes – just a few of things, which I think, legitimately are torture. They all share same characteristic — permanent and horrific damage to the human body. NOT discomfort – PERMANENT DAMAGE!

I guess, to some people any discomfort experienced by anybody while in custody must be torture. Well, those people are very idealistic, to the point of being crudely ignorant.


  1. Torture is psychological as well as physical, The sensation of dying due to water being forced over your mouth and nose is not a great feeling. The recipient may not know he will live following the application. You have the benefit of knowing it is not a fatal form of torture, others do not.

    The U.N. Convention on Torture, of which the U.S. is a signatory, states that torture is “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental”.

  2. armilnov said

    Nobody said waterboarding is pleasant. Neither is Basic training in Army, but I haven’t heard any soldier claim that Basic is torture. As a matter of fact, pilots and special forces soldiers pass through waterboarding as part of their training in preparation for possibility of being captured on battlefield and tortured in reality. Are THEY being (voluntarily, I may add) subjected to torture?

    My point is: waterboarding is unpleasant, but to say that it is equal to actual torture techniques of power drill into kneecaps or chopping off limbs is incredibly naive.

    By the way, what IS psychological torture? Yelling and insulting someone can cause a lot of severe psychological suffering in some persons, therefore, under UN definition, that is torture as well. In Army’s basic training, soldiers are subjected to a lot of mental abuse in preparation to combat. Are soldiers, therefore, being psychologically tortured? Of course not!

    Plainly said, this UN definition you cite is false, because anything that is uncomfortable, either physically or psychologically, fits it.

    My question to you is very simple: would you prefer to be incarcerated for ten years over being waterboarded for one day? If you choose waterboarding over prison, does that mean than prison is worse torture than waterboarding? Are murderers and rapists in prison being tortured by being there?

  3. It is a false and unrealistic choice. I would prefer water-boarding, but only if I could listen to my I-Pod at the same time.

  4. armilnov said

    “It is a false and unrealistic choice.”
    Sometimes people do use hypothetical situation or questions to prove a point. Is it news to you?

  5. Iranian Ajax said

    This is not about a matter of choosing.

    waterboarding on Abu Zubaydah worked – as the intelligence was corroborated (According to John Kiriakou, former CIA involved in capturing Zubaydah) My point about your argument being “asinine” is that it does not address crucial issues and takes a rather uncritical view of an important issue.

    =Iranian Ajax

  6. armilnov said

    Thanks a lot for clarification.

    My goal was to prove that waterboarding is NOT a form of torture. In order to do so I came up with hypothetical (imaginary) test to prove that it is not. I know this hypothetical choice is something impossible in real life, but I wanted to create a way to prove to others (and myself) that there are commonplace things (like prison) that are much worse than waterboarding. I think it works, do you not agree?

    Simple logic:
    If everyone chooses waterboarding over 10 years in prison, then waterboarding is better than prison. But, assuming that waterboarding is torture, then prison (the worse choice of two) is definitely torture. Does that make sense, that murderers in prison are being “tortured” by simply being there? Of course no. Prison is NOT torture, and since waterboarding is obviously better than prison, waterboarding is not torture either.

    I think it is extremely important to not let demagogues to get away with pro-terrorist propaganda, claiming that waterboarding is torture. We live in world where pro-terrorist propaganda literally drones out everything else, I am merely trying to counter-act that the best way I can. I think that is an extremely important thing to do, and this is the hot issue of the today.

    Anyways, again, thanks for clarification 🙂

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