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Thank you, US veterans!

Thank you for your choice to protect us back home.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

We are grateful. We will remember and be thankful forever.

Thank you for protecting this least-imperfect country on this little planet!

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Suicide bomber slaughters 59 children in the name of Allah in Afghanistan.

Read for yourself. Disgusting. I also would like to note – not a single peep from CAIR or other Muslim organizations so far denouncing this barbarism.

“The Afghan Education Ministry says 59 children and five teachers were among those killed in this week’s suicide bombing in northern Afghanistan.

A ministry spokesman says the children were lined up outside a sugar factory to welcome a visiting delegation of parliament members, when the suicide bomber detonated explosives.

The spokesman also says the education minister has ordered that students may not take part in such events in the future.

Six lawmakers were among at least 75 people killed in Tuesday’ s attack, the nation’s deadliest suicide bombing since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.”

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