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Second Amendment: why defenseless Europe is being eaten alive by Jihad.

Amsterdam is burning, because Dutch female police officer used her right to self-defense against a Muslim man who stabbed two other officers with a knife, inside a police station. Read here, here and here.

Meanwhile, a major debate is going on in blogosphere between LGF (read here and here) and Atlas Shrugged (read here and here), in reference to Vlaams Belang, a Belgian anti-immigration party which is accused to being neo-Nazi. A lot of interesting arguments, but I would like to focus on comments, which are much, much more important. Read for yourself.

Comment 1:


re: #534 Ashamed to be Dutch

i sometimes wonder that the reason why American hasn’t had it’s share of “car burning” is because you guys have concealed carry laws.
not an unreasonable assumption?

That’s exactly Mark Steyn’s argument.

Italy recently adopted a law “allowing” to shoot in case of burglary, Would like to see how many shooting occurred since and also if crime levels dropped a bit

i have a friend in Dallas who saw a guy breaking into his car. He quickly got a pistol and went to confront the thief. The thief ran. My friend shot him in the butt. the thief limped away. My friend called the police who promptly arrived. They followed the blood trail and were able to catch the thief. The police suggested that my friend practice his aim.

This would send you behind bars here…

It would get one into big time trouble in Minnesota too.
Can’t use deadly force to protect property outside your house.

This, I think is the key to understanding why 2nd Amendment and right to self-defense and defense of one’s property is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Until Americans have that right, none of that ethnic-rioting nonsense is going to happen here. Impossible.

Europe is being eaten alive because citizens are helpless against a wave of violence – first Paris, no Amsterdam, people killed, such as Theo Van Gogh… Police in Amsterdam actually refuse to confront the rioters, police in Paris were unable to do so. When hooligans come around to burn your car, or worse, burn your house, what are going to do – call police and wait, watching your saving, your livelihood go up in flames? Not me.

European citizens do not have that choice – Comment 2:


re: #441 Ashamed to be Dutch

in britain we have the law of “reasonable force”. so if an intruder comes into my house, and i beat him with a baseball bat, and HE judges that to be “unreasonble”, then the intruder can prosecute me and take me to court.

and no, i am not making it up.
ever guess why there are so many incidents in Britain where old people are killed, stabbed and beaten up in their own homes?

Yeah, that “gun control” thing certainly is working out very well for Europeans, unfortunately.

A firearm is the only way to enable law-abiding citizens to protect themselves. Any other way – police, army – most often fail. Look at New Orleans Police Department, one third of which deserted when Katrina happened. Do you believe in “trust the police” myth now? Citizens of Paris and Amsterdam believed in “trust the police” too, look at what happened to them. That is why Second Amendment is a necessity, not an option.

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Against Jihad – Islamophobe? Against NAZI – Germanophobe?

It is incredible how some people frame the discussion in a way that any criticism of Islamic Terrorism automatically makes a person an Islamophobe.

I hate NAZI party. That does not make a Germanophobe. I hate Hamas, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and all that filth – that does not make me Islamophobe either. Hell, I hate Stalin and Russian Communist party – that does not make Russophobe either. I am Russian myself, damn it!

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