They don’t have gays in Iran? This is why!


  • Statute: Sharia law
  • Penalty: Imprisonment, torture, and death

Iranian gay teens hanged


  1. persia said

    ofcourse there are gays and lesbians in any country.
    these are not gays ,these are people with criminal or political problem in IRAN please stop showing a bad picture from Iranians and Iran to the world .

  2. armilnov said

    “criminal or political problem”??
    Oh, I see. It is OK to hang people with whom you do not agree politically? WOW! I guess, you would hang me if you had a chance.

    “please stop showing a bad picture from Iranians and Iran to the world”
    No, I will not. It is called freedom of speech. Deal with it.

    Besides, if I criticize IRAN it does not mean I have anything against IRANIANS. I hate Nazis, that does not mean I hate Germans, does it? I believe that world deserves to see the monstrous racist/religious intolerance in IRAN, so I do it.

  3. Iranian Girl said


  4. armilnov said

    Ha! Another neo-Fascist apologist!

    I do not criticize Iranians, I criticize the monstrous Iranian Islamo-Nazi government. And yes, that is freedom of speech, even if you do not like it. By the way, is what I say untrue? So far, the only objection I get about this posting is that it “hurts feelings”. What about feelings of people who were hanged for being gay?

    It is an established fact that Iran executes people for crimes of adultery, non-marital sex, homosexuality on a monthly basis. If you do not think that is wrong, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Also, I lived in one of neighboring to Iran countries for 15 years. As a matter of fact, from town where I lived, you could reach Iran by car in 2 hours, that is how close lived. It will take too much time to explain to you that I know about Iran quite a few things.

  5. nin said

    armilnov, no need to reply the comments. their reputation is well known for being contentious after all. i would know too for they came to my country (malaysia) not as foreigners…
    but as refugees.

  6. demona said

    before i met iranians. i’ve heard news like this all the time.
    i’ve keep hearing about how iranians treat those who are not iranians.
    like they look down on you if you’re open.

    at first i don’t believe it.

    but after i met them…

    i now believe.

  7. Setareh said

    Okay listen up you asshole. Iran might not be the perfect country, be they are the only ones who stood up against USA. so you really think that USA is so much better but you are wrong!!! do you know how many peoples in Iraq dies becouse of your goverment?. do you know how many iraqs dies because of you and you stupid familiy?
    Ps. DONT judge another country when you are totally blind… every time i look back it’s always been USA who started a war. I really can take people like you.. go to hell and die, you are the one who kill peoples everyday with you taxes.


    Why are you so angry? Hmm…. your gay boyfriend left you? Tsk, tsk, tsk…..

    Now, I am not going to answer all BS you wrote, but small note will suffice: I never claimed that USA, nor Iran, nor whatever are perfect countries, but there is one thing that is true about USA – here, everyone has equal right and responsibilities before law, regardless of whether you are gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, white or black. There is only one such country in the world, and it is USA.

  8. j said

    i hate Iranians,…………


    WOW! Do you hate all Germans too? Not ALL Germans were Nazis, you know.

    It is NOT Iranians. It is those among Iranians who think this stuff is OK that we should hate.

  9. asian said

    People in the US STILL kill people for being gay. It’s not like the Christian fanatics here are as tolerant. Some are, but most believe it’s wrong and that they should be dead. Have you heard of the most hated family in America? It’s so easy to pick on Iran, but you need to consider the fact that Iran isn’t the only place people get killed for dumb shit.
    Why don’t you show the ” monstrous racist/religious intolerance” that happens all over the world. Shoot, show the world the hicks from Texas, or the teenager who killed another teenager for being gay, what about the Asian guy that was killed because some white idiots were mad their jobs were being shipped overseas? There are soooo many stories in the US that should be put out there. If you wanna go and educate the world, don’t target one country, target all of them.


    If you are so clever, then answer this question: what was the last time that USA government hanged a person for being gay?

    I am not denying that Americans are free of sin, I am not trying to say that Americans are so pure that when they go to piss, they piss wine. American are people like any other – some are smart, some are stupid, some are open-minded, some are bigots.

    The difference is: if a bigot kills a gay person in USA, he will rot in prison for the rest of his life. That bigot will be universally hated and condemned ANYWHERE he goes. If a bigot kills a gay person in Iran or Gaza, he will become a local hero!

  10. Ali said

    There is no punishment for being a gay in Iran. It is only when you are having sex with the other “guy” you get punished(hanged).
    They have to control their feelings. Thats the way it is.
    It is the same with pedophiles, it is not good if they practise it. So the solution is, THEY HAVE TO CONTROL THEIR FEELINGS, JUST LIKE THE GAYS.

    When two adult gay men have consensual sex in private it is one thing. When a grown man rapes an underage child, it is totally different. Two compare those two is illogical, immoral and disgusting.

    You may find gay sex repulsive – OK. So don’t do it! Nobody asks YOU to be gay. Just don’t kill others for not sharing your point of view.

  11. Vatsav said

    Well, there was a time when the people all over in the west were condemned for being gay while homosexuality was celebrated in my culture in India. Transgenderism was very common and respected in our community. The Kama sutra devotes chapters to gay-ness. And this was a time when people in the West were being hanged for being gay, or transgender.
    Then the British came, colonized our cultures and influenced politics, converting society to a homosexual-hating, transgender-hating, western “civilization”. They told us homosexuality was disgusting and should be punished.
    Now you have the audacity to be against Iran for its islamist regime without having any idea of the cultural history or religious history of the place.
    There have been many instances in ancient islamic poetry where homosexuality was praised. And in fact due to the absence of he and she in persian, many western translators naturally translated them into heterosexual notes.
    Instead of condemning replies from people of Iran to prove your western “superiority”, try understanding their culture.
    This is NOT to say that you voicing your opinion against atrocities. But be careful of the way you voice them.
    Especially when you are talking to an Iranian about his own country, respect him instead of judging him/her .


    You got to have nerve to give India as an example of tolerance. Ever heard of caste system?

    It does not matter what West (or Iran, for that matter) were yesterday. The only thing that matters, that today West is a truly open and tolerant community in every aspect, while Iran most definitely is not.

  12. Saif Jamal Mohammad said

    Hi to everyone a first !!

    Assalamo Alaikum

    I don’t know if this people are gay o not, the thing here is, Why kill gay people ?? they don’t hurt anybody. This is not a Government problem, this is and acceptation problem, this is social problem, why ?? because the people in this word have to work with our sexuality, we are not from hell, we are made from the same God like every human race.

    I’m Muslim and I’m gay, and i love every human, don’t matter if are from Iran, Egypt, Germany or USA. All people make mistakes, we have to learn to forgive and LOVE people, don’t matter from where they are.

    Allah, he Beg us to love, to respect, to bring help, to forgive every human in this word. Each human race made mistakes in all times, in all country’s, in all part of this planet, PLEASE forgive our SINS. (Gays) We are not perfect, we just try to survive. Humans try all days to be more perfect, but killing other humans, created it by the Hand of Allah, is not the solution for our problems.

    No matter from where you are, all humans, including Gays, feel and have filings. Please, STOP talking bad to others, stop to mistreat Gays.

    There is much to be said in this conversations, but the principal title here is LOVE. Be good, don’t matter who…
    We must be more kind humans.

    God bless all of you.

    Assalamo Alaikum.
    The peace with you.

  13. mehdi said

    to sum up…ofcourse there gay people in iran…they are everywhere in the world…Iran (tehran) is a nice place to leave..however, economy is not good so you have to be rich…and speaking of freedom, its true that you are not as free as you are in west..but its much better compare to some other middle east contries…NINA, i dont know which iranian would actually would leave iran and come leave in malasia?!!! LOL… I guess thats where they deserve to be….but overall at the corrent moment, I definitely would wanna live in US, than iran…THESE PICTURES ARE BS…there is death penalty in texas and some other states and lot of other countries….and there are millions of inicient people in the prisons of US right now…so whoever is putting these pictures, u are trying to hard buddy…these people deserve to DIE … they are criminals, killers, who rape inicient people…

  14. Guilherme Garcia said

    Well I think that’s terrible,Iran has not democracy,a people should to have all rights of chosen,and if the people is gay or no,no one has to interfer,anyone should to live your live,the government of Iran should not to hand the homossexuals,this is not crim,this is not a disease,this is only a sexual condition,and everybody should to respect all kind of people,Homophobia should to be a crim,cause a people say that is homophobian is so shameful and ignorant like be racist,nazist!

  15. DC-Unit said

    Face it, being gay is somewhat natural. The person didn’t choose to be gay, his mind just works that way. There are other situations that someone chooses to be gay, and if that is the path you want to take, you shouldn’t have to be judged by the world. If you believe being gay is not o.k, or it is o.k, thats your opinion, and with opinions, there is no right or wrong, so all you scums out there, stop trying to make your opinion seem like a fact, because it will never be a fact. There will always being someone who believes it’s ok to be gay. Just shut the hell up, and let them live their lives. I’m sick of everyone debating this issue, it’s a damn opinion, and get over it…

  16. Iran the best country said

    What the hell is ur problem?
    Those people that had been executed in Iran there not just gays, they raped little kids, they raped little girls and they did lots and lots of crimes! and who the hell are u to talk about Iran little kid?
    So, now I have to be Iranian to talk about Iran, is that it? I bet you have an opinion about Russia, yet you, I assume, never lived there. In short, I have G-d given right to have an opinion and voice. Deal with it.
    And you are NOT correct – these teenagers were gay, not pedophile.

    And executing Criminals in Iran is not a bad thing to do, they deserved it and they are example for other people in Iran to stop doing crimes!
    Well, good for you. I only wish you did not threaten millions of innocent civilians with wiping their country off the map. Or you think Jews are inhuman, apes and pigs, just like your Furer President?

  17. fafa5271 said

    You really are an ignorant and arrogant pratt. You wax lyrical over how fantastic and just the West is and how awful the rest are whilst not having the slightest idea of what you are talking about.

    I lived in ex-USSR for 15 years, in republic too close to Iran to feel safe. So, yes, I do know what I am talking about.

    The US today is the worst mass murderer in History. It is the cause of more bloodshed and pain than any other nation on Earth and all in the name os some false freedom that it does not an cannot give.
    America gave thousands of soldier’s lives and billions of dollars, so that Kurds and Shiites and Sunnis of Iraq could build a democratic state, free of fear of genocide by mustard gas (remember Halabja?). Hmm, you seem pissed about that! I wonder why?

    The US is only interested in Oil and money nothing else. It won’t even sign the International agreements on pollution let alone anything else all because it costs too much.
    Not a drop of Iraqi oil has gone to USA so far at all. America is rebuilding Iraq for free – no strings attached. We (Americans) are paying huge money for gasoline right now – I only wish that what you said would be true, we would not be paying this ridiculous amount of money for gasoline then.

    Furthermore the US is the only country where a complete moron can come to power by stealing an election. If you believe US is free you really are stupid.
    George W. Bush won election in 2002 because US Supreme Court decided that Al Gore’s demands for recount were unconstitutional. If US Supreme Court is not good enough authority for you (judges appointed for life by Senate to remove any possibility of influence), then nothing is.

    It was not long ago that people were being hung and killed in the US just because of the colour of their skin let alone sexual preferances.
    Yes, and USA courts judged those people guilty of violating civil rights of their victims. Thus, the perpetrators rot in prison. What do you do for killers of gay men , Jews and Blacks in your country – give them medals?

    This still happens today and the US gov. does nothing about it because they are too busy torturing and abusing ‘suspects’ in Guantanamo.

    After the US comes the UK which follows like a lost puppy. I should know i was born and lived there for more than 30 years.
    Good for you.

    Poeple like you who promote an incredibly racist and stereotypical out look generalising about countries and cultures you have absolutely no clue about are the reason this world is such a cold and dangerous place to live in. You should be careful what you write as you end up sounding as bad as those you try to condemn. After all the Nazis were famous for grouping people together on the basis of one trait or issue!!
    If unequivocal condemnation of ideology that promotes murder of gays in Iran, Jews in Israel, and Blacks in Sudan is being “racist”, then yes, I am the most damnedest “racist” there is.

  18. Estonia said

    I wish there was Star Trek era – where every single area of the Earth would be under one government.

    I can see the Iran and western logic, they are really different.

    Western countries see Iranian actions as barbaric and inhuman. I agree. To me, any country or nation that allows another person to be executed, tortured or killed based on their religion, is nation or country worth of nothing! It is not about the set of rules that society has chosen in these cultures/countries! Human life should be sacred and all in all – if one’s actions don’t hurt anyone, why should the society interfere? Iran is a country where poeple live in fear, unable to express their feelings. OK, a person can get punished when they practice homosexual acts but not when they are homosexuals. But where’s the logic in that? If an heterosexual man and woman are allowed to express their feelings, why cannot people of the same sex do it as well? Can anyone, please, tell me what bad did these young men to the society? Did they steal, kill, disrupt someone’s sleep or what? As far as I know, they were punished for doing nothing hurtful to the people of Iran, to their nation’s image or security. Why to use violence?

    I don’t say that Iran or any other Muslim country should act and live like European (western) nations do, cultural diversity is what we thrive for and what makes this planet so interesting. But one thing is certain – tens and tens of other countries say that to kill someone because he or she loves another person of the same sex, is wrong then it should be wrong in any other country or nation as well. No nation is perfect, nor they ever will be but everyone should to try and find a way to better life without violence, murder, mistreating and hurt. We’re all humans and share the same home.

    I just really, really wish that these young men would have found a peaceful place, away from the hate and violence forced upon people every day. And that their love would last long, now that thier souls are free.

  19. Mexico said

    Hey there everybody

    First of all, let me tell ya I am not american (thanks god) or asian or whatever, Im from the boggest Americans yunkyard ever (so far from heaven, so close from the US jeje)

    I´ve being reading all comments above, and, everything was ok with the host´s words, I mean, I don´t clap on execute a person for being homosexual. Everything was “perfect” till it rises the part of “…America gave thousands of soldier’s lives (uhm.. let´s see… those who were on the front line, where latins and foreigners) and billions of dollars, so that Kurds and Shiites and Sunnis of Iraq could build a democratic state, free of fear of genocide by mustard gas ..” and all that “freedom” crap.

    Man, for your rulers (goverment and “aristocrat” and all those whom have some power) there are nothing but “bussines” around the world, and, if we think it with some “commons sense” nobody put some hands, money or lives on fire just for their “kindness”. If they put their hands on Iran, was not for free people or bring up democracy (hell we know what all that crap means nowdays..), but to get some benefit with (oil?).

    You also claim “free speech” wich, of course is a natural human right and we must tolerate other people´s thoughts and ways of living, but as well, the speaker has the reponsability of do not transgress other people either. It´s ok, you are showing an unjusitfied execution, but you don´t show also the culture and the good things of iranian.

    Well, thats just the way I think

    First, free speech is just that – I have a right to say whatever I want to say. So do you. Other people said their mind in this discussion, so did I? What is your beef about “free speech”?

    Second, if you think that I must always say “good” things about Iranian government when criticizing it, then I assume you also demand that people say “good” things about Nazi Germany too? Nazis killed gays, just like Iranians do today, yet while Nazis are reviled, some people — like yourself, it seems — are always so sensitive that criticizing Iranian government for its barbarism will somehow hurt their feelings. I have no beef with Iranian people — just like I have no beef with German people — , but I have my right to say that Iranian government — and people who support it — are a barbaric horde, deserving to hang for their crimes.

    Third, we did not invade Iraq for oil — we did invade Iraq to remove a guy who used mustard gas to kill thousands of citizens of his country, who publicly supported Hamas al-Qaeda, who gave shelter for world-renowned terrorist in Baghdad, and who was the only world leader to glorify 9/11 attacks. If we invaded Iraq for oil, where is it? Why do I have to pay $4.00 for my gas?

    Fourth, I take offense at your racist statement that “those who were on the front line, where latins and foreigners” — it is a fat lie. Guys and girls who fight there come from many backgrounds, and to say that only latinos fight in Iraq is just idiotic.

  20. toxic said

    i love the country of iran. i love their rich culture, i love their music, their food, there is a lot of beauty in this country but on the other hand they do have some wrong things too, like the killing of homosexuals,,,,,, any way of taking a life is wrong…… this killing of human beings because they are gay should be abolished this is the only thing that i dont like about iran..

    i love the iranian people ( and im asian by the way my mom is filipina while my father is from spain). i am planning on going on vacation to iran for a couple of months im getting really excited…….
    we all need to love one another. i hope that we can learn about the beauty that each and everyone of us possess.

  21. Indonesian freedom said

    nothing shouldnot be hidden, well seeing is believing…
    dont hide a criminal problem coz u just have the same agreement.
    lets the world know, which one is right and which one is wrong.

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