SHAME! Columbia University invited Ahmadinejad in 2007 and Hitler in 1933

Columbia University has invited Ahmadinejad (President of Iran) for an opportunity to spew forth his anti-semitic propaganda at a major US university. Yes, just like they invited Hitler in 1933. (h/t: LGF).

I know already what many “useful idiots” in USA will say, that it is “freedom” of speech issue. It is not a free speech issue – nobody will put Ahmadinejad in prison for saying that Jews are evil. He is free to say that wherever, whenever, and whomever he chooses to. He can stay on a New York City street and yell that “Jews are evil” until loosing his voice – he can do that, and nobody will stop him or harm him. The point is that Columbia University thinks that saying “Jews are evil” is something worthy of attention. They think it is OK to not ignore “dirty filthy ape-pig Jews” rhetoric. If they think that it is subject to a discussion, they are saying that it is possibly true.

Students of Columbia University, welcome to Nazi Party! I bet you already started building human ovens in your own backyards.

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  1. Rumbler said

    Hitlerino would be the right nickname, not Hitler.

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