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All the world owes to Jews for 3000+ years of persecution.

Anybody who says that Israel exists only because of Holocaust is a closet anti-Semite.  Jews were persecuted by every nation, every religion, for thousands of years before Hitler was ever born. Holocaust is just a small footnote in long history: persecution in Dark Ages, Middle Ages, in Roman time and Christian time, in France, Germany, Russia, Spain, by Muslims, by Protestants, Catholics, and Russian Orthodoxes. No other group of people suffered so much for so long. That is why Israel was created. I personally think it was a stupid idea to create a place for Jews in the most rabidly anti-Semitic corner of the world…..but it is already done. All of the world owes to Jews to support Israel.

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They don’t have gays in Iran? This is why!


  • Statute: Sharia law
  • Penalty: Imprisonment, torture, and death

Iranian gay teens hanged

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How to whitewash a religious mass-murder: just say what rapists say

Today, President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose hands are covered in blood of our GIs, spoke at Columbia University, in NYC. I already can hear “useful morons” blabber about “misunderstanding” between extremist part of Mulsim world, represented by Ahmadinejad, and US, as the root cause of world-wide warfare we see.

There is no such thing. To say that 9/11 (or other attacks against non-Muslims) is due to misunderstanding reminds me of a common line rapists use: “she wanted it, I misunderstood her!”

Nothing that USA could have ever done can justify or excuse in any way the horrific, barbaric atrocity of 911. To say that we were attacked because we deserved it, is as disgusting as to say that rapists only rape women who deserve it by dressing provocatively.

There can be no misunderstanding when 19 men kill 3,000 innocent human beings just because these innocents are Americans. It is just plain fascism. We, Americans, are unclean, Jew- and Gay-loving, women-liberating, and non-Muslim. According to Ahmadinejad, terrorists he supports, and people who think like him, it makes us guilty in eyes of G-d and Muslims must kill us if they can. It is that simple.

By the way, check out Muslims Against Sharia. On the first glance it looks legit, promising and full of hope.

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Imagine there is no Israeli Army

Imagine that there is no Israeli Army, Air Force or Navy. What would Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran do?

Would they stay out of Israeli cities, leaving civillians unharmed? Or, would they seize opportunity to attack, killing defenseless women, children, and elderly? The anwer is clear. They would attack, and they would enjoy it. They would kill every person they would see in streets – the towns of Israel would be like lakes of blood. The only reason why Islamic terrorists have not yet completed final “solution” of the “Jewish question” is because they still cannot do it……yet.

The scary thing, when Iran gets nukes, they just might think that is the now can.

By the same token , neither Hamas nor Hezbollah have regular army, Air Force or Navy. Israel has nukes. If Israelis would really want to kill every Muslim in vicinity, they could do so easily. If Israel would unleash its military without regard for human life, they would easily could mount a genocide of unimaginable scale. Yet, they do not do it. They always fight only when it is absolutely necessary to do so for self-defense, and exercise restraint even under daily rain of Kassam rockets from Gaza.

LET ME BE CLEAR: Muslims, Jews, Russians, Germans, Democrats and Republicans – we are all people, we all have faults and virtues. But to say that it is not Muslims who today bear responsibility for hatred in Middle East towards Christians, Jews, and West, is to same as saying that Germans do not bear responsibility for WW2 and Holocaust.

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SHAME! Columbia University invited Ahmadinejad in 2007 and Hitler in 1933

Columbia University has invited Ahmadinejad (President of Iran) for an opportunity to spew forth his anti-semitic propaganda at a major US university. Yes, just like they invited Hitler in 1933. (h/t: LGF).

I know already what many “useful idiots” in USA will say, that it is “freedom” of speech issue. It is not a free speech issue – nobody will put Ahmadinejad in prison for saying that Jews are evil. He is free to say that wherever, whenever, and whomever he chooses to. He can stay on a New York City street and yell that “Jews are evil” until loosing his voice – he can do that, and nobody will stop him or harm him. The point is that Columbia University thinks that saying “Jews are evil” is something worthy of attention. They think it is OK to not ignore “dirty filthy ape-pig Jews” rhetoric. If they think that it is subject to a discussion, they are saying that it is possibly true.

Students of Columbia University, welcome to Nazi Party! I bet you already started building human ovens in your own backyards.

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