Who is modern-day KKK of USA? (not who you think it is!)

Only it uses the name Daily Kos. I bet JFK is real “proud” of how modern-day Democrats characterize their Conservative political opponents (not enemies like Al-Qaeda, but opponents, I remind you). I bet he is rolling in his grave!

Here is the quote from Daily Kos, read for yourself:

“LMFAO–listen, douchebag, do us all a favor and go say that on national TV. We can always use another screencap of a wild-eyed half-literate nutcase spouting discredited bullsh*t.

Do us another favor and put that f*cking crap on your car….has it dawned on you imbeciles that the country is sick of the F.U.D. yet? Has it occured to you f*cking sycophantic lickspittle wannabe-fascists that the country has heard no shortage of “support terrorism, vote Democrat [sic]” over the last six years and despite that still voted in the Democrats in November?”

I and this guy disagree on issues — I am fine with that. I am ready to disagree with any Liberal as an opponent who respects him or her, not a personal enemy. But it was this guy’s choice to make political debate into personal, hateful, and intolerant name calling. And the scariest part — nobody disagreed with him, and everyone in Liberal side seems to be OK with that!

Let me be honest — there are crazy nuts, insane hateful people on both sides of the political divide. That is no great discovery for anyone. But I am yet to see when a comment that uses same language and word choice above does NOT get deleted from Michelle Malkin or LGF. Sure, sometimes people use risque words and comparisons, but never do they descend into the cesspool of “you f**kin imbecile spouting bullsh*t”. You can accuse Republicans and Conservatives of not understanding, disagreeing — whatever — but never can you accuse them of policy of insulting Liberals with slurs and getting away with it.

When Conservative (like Ann Coulter) says a stupid thing about a Liberal (like Edwards), he or she is a racist, bigoted demagogue (and I agree!)

When a Liberal says a stupid thing about a Conservative, it is free speech and it is OK? IS THAT IT?

Does one hateful right-winger like Coulter, who gets axed for saying one stupid thing on TV, justify hundreds of hateful people on Daily Kos every day, who get away with it?

Someone told me on this issue that “People can only speak for themselves.“ He meant that website is not responsible for comments posted on it. Yes, same thing is claimed by KKK website! “It is not the website, it is just opinions of individuals!”

let’s boil this down to something useful:

1. there are nuts on both sides, who are nasty (nobody is “snow white”)
2. freedom of speech only protects what YOU PERSONALLY say
3. speech on a website is a speech BY THAT WEBSITE, even if someone else wrote it.

here is a hypothetical story:

1. Let us imagine a world in which a KKK bigot can go to a CNN.com and make an article insulting blacks. Let us imagine that CNN.com refuses to remove that article, claiming that it is “free speech”. Would you agree with that?

2. Let us also imagine, that CNN.com does, in fact, remove article. By removing that article, CNN.com does not violate bigot’s right to free speech – he can say whatever to whomever he wants. He can talk his lungs out, for what we care. But CNN.com makes it clear that it DOES NOT AGREE with what he says. Would you not agree that is a right thing to do?

Well, Daily Kos is CNN.com , and the people who say “Repukes are fu*kin imbecile dumba$$es” are the bigot in my story. And that is what became of Democratic party today. Truman and JFK are rolling in their graves, I am sure.

P.S.: I repeat yet again, for those who will twist my words : if a Conbservative say something like “Liberals must die” he should be banned from blog. That is insulting, hateful, personal language that does not contribute to debate. It happens, and people get banned. But, bottom line is: there is no Conservative “Daily Kos”, creating culture of Liberal-hate amongst conservatives.

P.P.S.: if you are interested, please read here a previous posting and very lengthy discussion I had about this subject.


  1. One only has to read the Democratic Underground Forum to see the hatred and bigotry that is consuming the Democrat Party.

  2. Brad said

    One only has to watch Fox News to see the hatred and bigotry that has always consumed the Republican’t Party.

  3. armilnov said

    dear Brad,

    Do you mean that disagreeing respectfully — that is, without using f-word — is hatred now?

  4. armilnov said

    dear Brad,

    did O’Reilly ever characterise any Liberal as a “wild-eyed half-literate nutcase spouting discredited bullsh*t”?

    did O’Reilly ever characterise any Liberal as a “f*cking sycophantic lickspittle wannabe-fascist”?

    Just read above — that is how #1 Democratic website, conference of which was visited by every single Democratic Presdiential candidate (!), characterizes all Conservatives.

    JFK must be REAL proud of you.

  5. […] coulter, intolerance, daily kos, hate, democrats, politics, USA, culture, war, news Read my previous posting below, please, for detailed explanation, and please let me […]

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