Why We Fight.

As nicely said by Newt Gingrich in interview to FOX News:

What I would say to any Democrat who wants America to leave is quite simple. Millions of Iraqis have sided with the United States. They are known in their neighborhoods. They are known in their cities. If we abandon them, they are going to be massacred.How can you, in good conscience, walk away from these decent people and leave them behind to a fate which we’ve seen, for example, in Afghanistan, where the Taliban recently was machine-gunning girls as they walked to school because the Taliban is determined to stop women from getting educated?

We are faced with evil opponents. Those opponents need to be defeated. And if General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker come back in September and say, “We actually can win this thing,” I want to understand the rationale that says, “No, we don’t want to let America win. Let’s legislate defeat for the United States.”



  1. This is an interesting point that gets lost at times. There are a lot of Iraqi people that have better lives. Is one American death worth one Happy Iraqi boy or girl? As a parent, I can understand the horror of sending your son or daughter to war and losing him/her in the battle. It is a tough fight and a complicated issue.


    ps:Nice site!

  2. armilnov said

    Yes it is. I agree, it is an issue that is often overlooked.

    It is like asking, is the life of a cop worth more than a life of a person he might save from burglars, while being shot? Or a life of a firefighter saving a girl from fire but dying himself?

    Thanks for a good point!

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