Liberal = Anti-semite ??? Blogger sued over criticism of open anti-semitism???

Quote (directly from Wonkette):

“In a stunning rocket, Rudy Jew-liani basically admitted that he doesn’t know anything at all about foreign policy — or maybe that he knows too much. In an interview with the Jew York Times, Rudy inavertendly revealed that the US has been fighting an entire extra war these last few years that only he knows about.”



An Israeli blogger was a man enough to voice his disagreement with openly anti-Semitic comment quoted above. Now he is being threatened with lawsuit. h/t LGF

What about First Amendment? What about the right to criticize whomever you want to criticize?

Regardless of your political position, you have to agree — this is DESPICABLE!

If you agree with my outrage over the comment and over the threat of a lawsuit, PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING ONLINE CRITICIZING THESE ANTISEMITES! The more people will be against them, the less inclined they will be to sue. They can’t sue whole damn Internet!


  1. 2008voter said

    liberalism = Antisemitism . Do not forget that Nazi was National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) .

  2. blacktygrrrr said

    The people to contact are Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, the Republican Jewish Coalition, and Chabad. Also, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is a vigilant source.

    One horrid person on wordpress is southern voice. I called her out and deleted her from my blog. Keep fighting the good fight.



    Submited post on – “Liberal = Anti-semite ??? Blogger sued over criticism of open anti-semitism???”

  4. armilnov said

    I will follow your advice.

    Thanks for encouragement Eric! 🙂

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