America will create thousands of “bin Ladens” if it will abandon Iraq.

After 911, I remember how people would say that Usama is angry at America because we used to be his ally in war against Soviets in Afghanistan, and then we dumped him there when we did not need him anymore. We used him, and then threw him out — and probably that was the initial reason for his America-hate.

Today, Democrats are setting us up to do the same trick with the whole Iraqi nation. We are preparing the justification for abandonment of entire nation, which did not choose to live in Iraq, or to start the war we started.

We went into Iraqi homeland, we started the war, we destroyed any resemblance of stability, and now, like a child tired of toy, we want to throw Iraqi people out, we want to force them to deal with the mess we started?

You think we created “bin Ladens” by invading Iraq? THINK AGAIN : We will create far more “bin Ladens” if we will abandon Iraqi people to deal with the mess WE started.


  1. tim thomas said

    Let’s look at real options and then have a conversation.
    real options
    People need to stop ringing this war alarm or its gonna drive us even closer to war.

  2. floriamo said

    us military, out of irak
    kick the bushs on pluto

  3. armilnov said

    to tim thomas

    Real options? I had one look at your “options” and the first thing that popped into my mind was : OSLO!

    1. what is *new* in what you seem to suggest we do? Haven’t we tried that before? Did we not try this “diplomacy in middle east” route during past administrations, namely: Jimmi Carter, and Clinton? Did we not satisfy any illusions that diplomacy did not work against Saddam? If it did not work with Saddam, WHY will it work with Iran?

    2. Tell me of a *single* reason why Iran would do a crazy thing like helping America The great Satan? Why is it in Iran’s interest that America NOT be defeated?

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