Iranian woman to be executed for adultery….where is outrage?

Let me clarify something : no country, nation, religion, or person are perfect. I, for example, drink too much coffee.

But executing a woman for the crime of adultery by stoning her to death is not a flaw, it is a barbarism. Yesterday a man was executed too — apparently, he was the lover of the woman to be executed today.

Read this:

“Mother- of- two Mokarrameh Ebrahimi has spent the last 11 years in jail for adultery with Jafar Kiani.

Authorities in Tehran confirmed yesterday that Kiani had been executed last week. Now human rights groups fear 43-year-old Ebrahimi will suffer the same brutal fate.”

These Islamofascist bastards kept these poor people in prison for 11 years? Damn, I think Bill Clinton got off easy!

One has to agree that today there is no other religion in the world except Islam that preaches murder for the crime of being “immoral”.

Also, I meant to ask : where is the world-renowned women’s rights fighter, Ms Nancy Pelosi? Where is her outrage? All spent on President Bush?

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