John Edwards: how to teach the poor to hate the rich and to benefit from that hatred.

Please read this interesting discussion at 2008Voter blog, prompted by a fan of John Edwards’ “Two Americas” speech (my bold):

Nobody denies that there are poor and rich in America. There are rich in every country with exception of countries where there are only poor — that is not the point.

There are poor and rich people, there are black and white people, there are left and right — it all exists and it is a problem, everybody sees it, nobody denies it, nobody needs anyone’s lecture about that. When Edwards uses these obvious divisions, abuses the problem by inciting hatred of both sides for each other for his own benefit, he is making it worse.

Do you want the destiny for USA that Russia had in 1917, when “poor” Russia destroyed “rich” Russia? Do you want the destiny of Germany, when the same “Two Germanies” concept was used by Hitler to get to power? Please remember, that NAZI stands for National Socialist German Workers Party! So, there is no excuse to play with those socially-dividing, hate-mongering, propaganda slogans today, knowing that tens of millions of people where sacrificed for the sake of this demagoguery. That was my point.


  1. onemansthoughts said

    What can I say? Edwards is nuts.

  2. armilnov said

    Not nuts — purposeful and immoral. He is not crazy, but very cunning.

    Everybody who talk about “helping poor” and has $400 haircuts is hypocrite.

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