Pelosi refuses to meet Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe.

h/t: Gateway pundit.

Let me see:

Pelosi is ready to meet with a dictator (Bashar al-Assad) who:

–murders politicans of neighboring countries,

–supports Hezbollah in lebanon,

–oppresses human rights, women’s rights, gays’ rights.

But she is NOT OK to meet with Democratically elected leader, Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe, who:

–enjoys 80% approval – much more than Pelosi herself,

–stopped civil war, reduced murder rate by 50% and kidnappings by 75%,

–brough stability and law into the Colombia and fights narco-dealers there.


Alvaro Uribe is a Democratically elected and supported representative of Colombian people, who still need American aid to survive. Her refusal to see him is not an insult to Uribe — it is an insult to all of Colombian people!

Quote from Gateway Pundit :

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D) of Vermont, chairman of the subcommittee overseeing foreign funds, recently froze $55 million in military aid to Colombia.

Democrats say they are withholding funds because 8 pro-Uribe lawmakers were put in jail on charges ranging from mere collusion with the paramilitaries to conspiracy to kidnap and murder. This gave democrats an excuse not to fund the Pro-US, Pro-Capitalist neighbor of Hugo’s Venezuela.

What the democrats refuse to acknowledge is that it was “precisely because of the Uribe government’s successful negotiation with the paramilitaries – which lead to the demobilization of 31,000 fighters – that the truth of their influence is being revealed.” The Uribe government supports the paramilitary investigations that discovered the rotten politicians. the Uribe government even continues to fund the investigations!


  1. Why is their no outrage over the close relationship between the Saudis and the President Bush? The mainstream press is always claiming that most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis and most terrorism is funded by the Saudis. Look at this picture of President G.W. Bush and Prince Abdullah holding hands.

  2. armilnov said

    “close relationship between the Saudis and the President Bush”

    Facts please?

    “most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis and most terrorism is funded by the Saudis”

    I agree – Saudis must clean up their house. What is your point?

    “Look at this picture of President G.W. Bush and Prince Abdullah holding hands”

    Is it at all impossible the Bush is merely trying to talk diplomacy with Saudis?

    Besides, Prince Abdullah’s family is in the crosshairs of Al-Qaeda too.

    Why are YOU not outraged by Pelosi openly cavorting with the Bashar Assad, murderer of Rafiq Hariri (the Prime Minister of Lebanon), co-funder of Hezbollah, who allows militants to cross into Iraq?

    Since when the head of Legislative branch can violate Constitution by doing foreign diplomacy?

  3. President W. Bush had added Syria to the countries of the axis of evil and accuses it of supporting terrorists. Can you explain why the U.S. would send a Canadian terror suspect to Syria, to be interrogated?

  4. armilnov said

    Why should I?

    American government released Syrian citizen into hands of Syrian officials. What is your point? Is it illegal?

    He was not tortured there according to this quote from article:

    Arar was eventually released by the Syrian government, which says it did not torture him, thanks largely to the efforts of his wife in Canada

  5. armilnov,

    You are missing the point. If you say a country is funding terrorism, would you send a terrorist suspect to be interrogate there?

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