Pope orders all cast of “Da Vinci Code” to be murdered for the crime of blasphemy (SARCASM)

Yesterday I (finally) watched Da Vinci Code. I am positive, that if Da Vinci Code would be about alternative history of Prophet Mohammed, instead of Jesus Christ, we would be counting body bags already.

At the very least, Tom Hanks would have been already assassinated by this time for sure. Most of the cast would have been forced to go into hiding for a long time – probably decades. But, because Da Vinci Code instead convieniently focused on Catholic Christinaity, they are all safe and much wealthier as a result.

Blaspheming against Catholicism is safe and lucrative, while blaspheming against Islam is asking to have your head chopped off – as Salman Rushdie



  1. Only so true! I saw parts of it, and watched about it on The History Channel and it just looked like propaganda against the Catholic Church, with a final goal, of lining the pockets of the filmmaker.

  2. armilnov said

    Pretty much….and it is predictable and boring as hell too (no pun intended) 🙂
    No wonder it has only 2 stars!

  3. 2008voter said

    Da Vinci Code with its anti-Catholicism sentiment could be dedicated to legacy of KKK. Correct me if I am wrong KKK targeted Catholics along of Jews and blacks?

  4. armilnov said

    Yep! KKK would definitely like the DaVinci Code a LOT!

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