Double Standard in Palestine/Israel

This is a responce to a pro-Terrorist commenter on this blog, who prompted me to formulate this:

First, when Palestinian terrorist murders innocent Jewish women and children, he is a hero, a martyr, an example to be followed. When a Jewsh terrorist murders innocent Palestinians, women and children, he is prosecuted and publicly reviled – example is Baruch Goldstein. Jews are at war against Palestinian Terrorists, not Palestinian people. Palestinians Terrorists are at war with Jews as a nationality, as a people, and as a religious group.

Can there be Jewish bigots? Sure! Do Jewish bigots become heroes for murdering Palestinian children to satisfy their bloodlust? NO! They go to prison and are condemned by prime minister!

Second, Palestinian citizens of Israel have fair representation in the Knesset, they can vote and participate in elections. If they choose to, they can even serve in the Israeli Army. Tell me of a single Arab country where Jews can vote? Tell me of a single Arab country where Jews are treated as equal citizens? In 1948 all Jews were forcibly expelled from all Arab countries, where is your concern for fairness about that?

Nothing would make me happier than seeing Palestinians prosper and live peacefully along with Israelis. However, when I see bigotry, I will call it out.

NOTE: If speaking out against incitement of terrorism against a certain race means that I am in state of “anti-Arab fobia”[sic], then I am also in state of “anti-Nazi fobia” and “anti-Communist fobia”, will remain so and proud of it.

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