Why Liberals want to destroy Freedom of Speech

This whole “Fairness Doctrine” thing got me thinking.

Democrats are interested in free speech only if it is “good” free speech – that is “liberal” free speech. God forbid the subject of being said is stronger border security – that is not “good”, that is “bad” speech, which could originate (according to liberals) only from people who are “racist” and “nativist”.

Liberals are the only group of people who, if you do not agree with them, accuse you of commit some sort of through-crime! “How dare you not agree with me on Iraq – you must be a neanderthal ignorant chicken-hawk moron!

How can, I, a LEGAL immigrant who is for strong border security, be “nativist” or “racist”? Since when being against violating law is equal to being racist?

In short, Fairness Doctrine just shows the lengths to which Liberals will go to shut us up – the conservative voters and citizens. They are ready to outlaw our thinking and our speech!

This is an extended comment left on Wit or Wisdom.


  1. thanks for throwing your viewpoint in here–it’s refreshing to hear from someone who speaks from the viewpoint of immigrants!

  2. armilnov said

    No problem! I am glad to do something for the debate in USA, which unfortunately stinks.
    Thank you for reading ! 🙂

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