Terrorist Mickey Mouse dies!

The degenerates of Islamic Inquisition(tm) in Palestine have “martyred” their Mickey Mouse terrorist clone. In the last skit the horrid Mickey Mouse-clone named Farfour was beaten to death by an actor impersonating an Israeli soldier.

Mind you, this was a children’s show!

The girl co-hosting the show said that the Farfour was killed by “children killer”.

And these are the very same people who rioted over Danish cartoons? Applying the same logic, exploitation of West’s most cherished children’s icons would justify carpet bombing the Gaza!

This damned “Mickey Mouse” was used by Islamic terrorists to teach Palestinian kids to hate all Jews as a race!

This Terrorist “Mickey Mouse”, its use to brainwash innocent Palestinian kids into racist hatred of ALL Jews, is disgusting and monstrous. This is why Hamas, Fatah, Ilsamic Jihad – all of them – deserve no mercy.

Unconditional surrender is the only thing to negotiate over with people who incite this racist hatred in children!


Hot AirLittle Green Footballs, Jihad Watch .


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