LEGAL immigrants are against ILLEGAL immigration!!!

Finally someone important in blogosphere notices the millions of LEGAL immigrants like me who are against ILLEGAL immigration!

Finally someone says it like it is: the choice is not between illegal immigration or no immigration – the choice is between ILLEGAL and LEGAL immigration !

We, LEGAL Immigrants pay taxes just like US citizens. We obey laws. We pledge to protect Constitution when we become citizens.

We, LEGAL Immigrants do not want others to steal our tax money and our security by being in here ILLEGALLY!!!

Nine million of us, LEGAL immigrants entered US in past 10 years LEGALLY! We will not tolerate the orgy of illegality – ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS!


For those interested in hard facts – here is Dept. of Homeland Security statistical data on past ten years of LEGAL immigration to USA!


  1. […] Legal immigrants are against illegal immigration!!! […]

  2. juana said

    l want to share my opinion but don’t know wheather to attack the illegal immigration issue first or that nutjob Rosa from the LA times. Rosa, Rosa Rosa you are so misguided, please do us legal immigrants a favor and stop writing none sense. Let me enlighten you 1. illegal immigrants are not that smart most of them can’t read nor write, heck the only letter of the alphabet they have mastered is the X which is often used to sign their names, isn’t the USA the most technologically advanced country in the world, huh! wonder why? 2. The only reason they do the backbreaking work is because that’s all they are qualified to do, when was the last time you saw a doctor crossing the border illegally? never comes to mind!! 3. oh! yeah about the fat thingy, well what can say when you have that many kids there is not much time for rest, calories eaten, calories burnt!! yeap!! they are brave alright, they don’t even have the guts to face their own government to demand changes!! lam not saying they don’t send money to their less well off relatives but trust me only partially cause the rest is spent at you local bars yet another reason they live in shared cramped apartments, less rent, more to send home and more to drink like fish!!

  3. armilnov said

    Hmm, what was the last time we saw a well-qualified, Chinese, American-educated man allowed to stay here to help our economy?

    I, as an electronic engineering student, am very concerned about that.

    We need more legal, smart, educated immigrants, who can continue our economy and tech growth, NOT law-violating, illegal, hard-drinking type, ignorant immigrants!

  4. Kat said

    Letting illegals have a free pass, is a spit in the eye to all that have come through imigration portals the right way. How dare our government officials lesson the value of the legal immigrants and devalue those of us with citizenship.

  5. Jane said

    I am a legal immigrant.I went through the whole process to be where I am today.It was tough…………but worth it !I can’t stand it when people break the law and then DEMAND rights.All I can say to them is get in line!WE legal immigrants need to let our voice be heard.We have a story to tell and the American people need to hear it.Anyone knows a website?

    Thanks for comment! No, I wish there would be a website like that, but there isn’t, as far as I know. 😦

    Hmm, maybe someone would find time to make a website like that? Not me, but that would be a good thing to do.

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