Debunking 911 Myths

Wow, This post is excellent, highly recommended! Courtesy of Doug’s Darkworld :

 OK, conspirators decide they are going to crash airliners into the WTC and then blow up and collapse the buildings. That means that tons of explosives and miles of wire have to be installed in the buildings. And not only installed secretly, but installed in such a way that they won’t be found. (People would presumably notice explosives stacked in the corners and detonating wires strung around.) This would involve compromising the building’s security somehow, I mean these buildings were not only guarded 24 hours a day, there would be contractors, employees, tenants, and maintenance people coming and going at all hours of the day. Yet somehow our crack team of agents manages to get in there, cut all sorts of holes in the walls, place all these charges, string all these wires…and not a single person saw anything even remotely suspicious. Tens of thousands of people who worked in these buildings in the weeks and days before 911 survived, yet not a one has come forward to say they saw something funny going on?…

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