John Edwards’ “Two Americas” is a hate speech!

John Edwards set himself up to gain politically from hatred of poor Americans against rich Americans. The only solutions he offers to the poor Americans is electing him President. He inflames and exploits hatred of poor against rich – and tries to profit from that hatred.

This is the old trick used originally by Lenin – who pitched poor proletariat against the rich in Russia. We know how that ended – the greatest genocide world has ever seen.

John Edwards does exactly that today – his political strategy is to set two Americas against each other, and later pick the pieces up, making himself the Presidents. In fact, the worse things go in America – the greater is the divide between the poor and the rich – the better it is for Edwards. The “poor” against the “rich”  – sounds familiar: that is the logic of Bolshevism.

Even if the “two Americas” exist, what is Edwards’ solution? Why does he not argue and act for better education in minority schools? I went to minority school in Miami-Dade for two years, I know how bad it is. Why does overcrowding in high schools not bother him? Why does he not argue for better community colleges and better vocational training? Why is it that the millionaire who pays $400 for his haircut cannot put his money where his words are, and build at least one good public school in Boston, let us say?

Also, I as an imigrant, a person who, unfortunately, did spent first year in USA on welfare support, can attest to the fact that most people who are in “poor” America, are there by choice. America is an imperfect country, but among all others, it is the least imperfect – especially in the area of work opportunities. It all depends on YOU – what you can offer to your employer, do you have will and competitive strength to achieve what you want to achieve. You do not have work skills that are in demand? Go to community college! You do not have high school diploma? Go get GED!

This is not Soviet Union – if you are in “poor” America you ALWAYS have opportunity to get out – I know because my family did that! Go to community college – the in-state tuition is laughable! Get education, get jobs!

John Edwards, in fact, builds his whole political career on the bet that the “other” America remains forever in his bondage. If the poor and disenfranchised of America instantly will become middle-class, he will loose all opportunity, he will instantly become a man without a mission. It is in John Edwards’ best bets interest that poor Americans remain poor forever.

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