History Repeats Itself – German Nazi “Werwolf” Insurgency after WW2

Apparently, the history of WW2 is not what we know.

The war did not end after Berlin fell – it continued for several years through terrorism, sniping, bombings of Nazis that “melted back into population”. The insurgents called themselves “Werwolf” – werewolves – and bonded into terrorist groups, clothed in civillian attire, attacking “collaborators” and “occupiers” wherever they could.

They assassinated officials of the “occupying” regimes, attacked soldiers and civilians alike, used all methods of torture and mass terror known to man, attempted to use poison-gas based WMDs.

This was quite a problem – Gen Eisenhower was forced to order that American troops execute any captured Werwolf  fighter on the spot. Gen Le Clerc issued an edict ordering execution of five Germans for every sniping attack near Strasbourg.

Sounds familiar? Yes, this is exactly what happened in Iraq!

My conclusions are these. First, our leadership – specifically, Bush and Rumsfeld – made enormous blunder by not preparing for insurgency ahead of time. Their ignorance and naiveté is unforgivable. Second, we must learn from the methods of the people who suppressed Werwolf to suppress Iraqi insurgency. The allies pulled no punches in their fight against Nazi terrorism – summary executions on the spot, limited mass punishment of host populations – these were fair game.

Imagine what would happen with Iraqi insurgency if we flattened Falluja the first opportunity we had to? Imagine that Marines go in, kill anyone who resists, crush any opposition – would that not make matters better?

Half measures cannot work in war – if you are at war, then fight it like you mean it. My problem with President Bush is that he talks tough, but does not act tough. He acts like a weak leader that he is. Why did we let Mahdi army go free? Why is al-Sadr still alive?


h/t: American Thinker Blog 

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  1. Walt said

    I read the piece you wrote of WWII German insurgency. There were no. references. I am researching this and looking for info

    Well, I do not have references largely because I did not need to do outside research – brother of my grandfather is a Red Army vet who actually fought in WW2. It is common knowledge (among Russians :)) that Soviet Union had huge insurgent problems in occupied territories for decades after WW2, especially Western Ukraine and Eastern Germany. Up until even 1960s, all members of Communist Party in L’viv and surrounding areas were regularly given pistols (!) to protect themselves. Especially right after the war, members of Party (and their families) were often literally hunted by brutal murder squads of local nationalists, who were always very sympathetic to Hitler (and his antisemitic agenda) and hated Russians passionately.

    Here is a link for Forest Brotherhood, who were Baltic pro-Nazi insurgency against Soviets.

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