71 year old Subway customer shoots robbers, kills one

This man, 71-years-old, legally armed and minding his own business, had a misfortune of being right place at the right time – exactly when two felons tried to rob Subway.

He opened fire, killing one of the robbers instantly, and wounding another in the chest. No other customers were hurt, this is self defense at its best.

I hope next time robbers think twice about doing their dirty business in my neighborhood – I live quite near Plantation, FL.

My father said that this man is probably of a dying breed – I hope not. I was not there, so I cannot judge on my own on how many risks that man took – whether he should have shot them, or maybe that there were too many people in there – but he acted within his right. He acted to fight back, and succeeded. Period. If there would be any danger involved in the situation for the bystanders, it was, ultimately, the fault of those felons. They got what they deserved.

h/t: Hot Air

Original video at NBS6.net

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  1. USpace said

    This is fabulous news, I just hope no dirtball DA tries to prosecute him and no that no dirtball judge allows the hopefully soon-to-be crippled monkey robber to bring suit against the guy.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    self-defense is wrong

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