Why Corporations are a good thing (mostly)

I have met people whose position can be summed up in a nice solgan : “Corporations are Evil!”

Most importantly, I have met people who, despite saying that for many years, would be later delighted to work for Microsoft and IBM, without any moral dilemma. If they only practiced what they preached and offered me their “evil corporate job and paycheck”! No, I guess, for enough money, they are willing to deal even with “evil corporations.

I would like to point out that corporations are the reason that USA is such an advanced country in the first place. People fail to understand that only corporations have resources and incentives of free market to achieve anything substantial.

Let me give you examples:

Why USA got the man on the moon? Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas, computer engineering and electronics corporations. NASA  is just “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” – purelt administrative organization, training austronauts, but hardly directly responsible for technological advancements in space flight.

Who invents drugs that prolong our life and health? Pharmaceutical corporations, such as Merck.

Who invents computer operating systems and software used all over the world? Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Sun Microsystems, IBM.

Who makes Internet (yes, Internet) possible? Comcast, Bellsouth, Cisco.

List goes on and on and on…..

Everything that we take for granted was made by corporations, and could be made only by corporations. No country was ever capable of replacing the lean system of corporate free competition – trust me! Look at Russia, my home country – the country rich with intellect and resources, poor clean corporate tradition. WHAT HAVE RUSSIANS INVENTED IN PAST 30 YEARS?


No Russian “Toyota”, no Russian “Microsoft”, no Russian “Merck”. Nothing.

Yes, some corporations fail, some steal – they are brought to justice and punished. Sure, no system is perfect. But would any modern-day liberals be wiling to switch their places with people subsisting in corporate-free, business-free countries, such as Zimbabwe?

Corporations, driven by free market, seek to make money, which inevitably means, create useful products. Without corporations, without free business driven by competition for customers, USA would quickly become big, slow, nasty American version of Soviet hell – poor, desperate, hopeless. Liberals should know better than curse corporations, while enjoying that nice big cup of Starbucks!


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