Support Marines – send email!

It is the the least thing you could do!

Go here and here to read about RCT-6 at BlackFive.

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  1. Edith said

    What the Marines and all of the men and women in the other service branches are doing in Irag and all over the globe in hellholes and hotspots is heroic. Politics has over the years gotten the US into fine messes, and it has always been left to the fighting forces to clean it up. And when allowed to do their jobs, they have met the challenges head on with PEACE not war as their primary objective.
    The hardships are many and the rewards few, but the Marines have always served faithfully and with honor. My husband is a former Marine, who served on the DMZ in VietNam in the late 60’s. The country was in a turmoil back then and many of the returning service men and women were treated disrespectfully. Times are different now, intelligent people know and care about you and thank you for your commitment and recognize your sacrifices.

    Each generation hopes that one day WAR will be non-existent on our planet. Knowing human nature, that probably won’t happen. So there will always be a need for those of you who serve “Always Faithful”.

    Keep Safe. Know that you are loved and that we as your countrymen and women pray for you everyday.

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