Mohammed Burns Tonight – Danes to burn effigy of Prophet

Read here!

Wow, brave people. If they will actually do this, then this is the most brave act of defiance in the face of bullying Muslim intolerance for different point of view in a long time.

I just thought of this: I am sure that the people who call themselves “liberal” will denounce this act as Islamophobia. While it is OK to make fun of or denigrate Christinanity – “Da Vinci Code”, “Last Temptation of Crhist” etc. – Islam is somehow exempt. This act, if it will happen, will be the most liberal, truly liberal thing ever – defiant act in the face of religious (Islamic) extremism.


  1. salahudin said

    that’s stupidity and intolerance, rather than “courageous bravery”.

    really, how does that make them different from muslims?

    talk about two barbaric people bitching at each other

  2. triphammer said

    Honestly, the burning of Mohammed in effigy is nothing considering the fires of hell in which this great deceiver now roasts. Islam needs to be cleansed in a like manner. To hell with any western or muslim critic. Our globe is convulsing and Islam is at the center of its pain. Barbarity needs to be met with equal, if not double, the force. The only thing a radicalized muslim respects is power. Our problem in the west is that we are reticent to unleash the totality of our power. To do so in the name of preserving our culture from the onslaught of the Isalmist menace is a noble and worthwhile endeavor. Should we in the west decide to be politically correct about this war of cultures, we continue to be hamstrung as we have been these past 7 years.

  3. armilnov said

    to salahudin ::
    I beg to differ.
    Islamic extremists kill anyone who dares to make fun of Mohammed – remember cartoon riots? Danes are not going to kill a single person – their act is a non-violent protest against Islamic intolerance.
    Please explain to me what is so “Barbaric” about that and how that can be compared to hundreds of people violently rioting because of a drawing, namely Mohammad cartoon?

  4. armilnov said

    to triphammer ::
    Unfortunately, yes.
    We are not fighting the war with Islamic extremism over oil or money or land – the war is over our principle that every person is created equal, regardless of gender, sexual preference, or religion.
    Look at us and then look at Saudi Arabia or Iran. We are everything those countries are not.
    Imagine Catholic Inquisition with nuclear weapons. Scared? Now imagine that Inquisition is magically converted to Islam – you get Iran!

  5. Danny Harbison said


    They are simply returning to the practices of the Native European Religion that existed in Denmark before Christianity over ran it through torture and violence. Now the Christians face the same fate they inflicted on the followers of the Allfather. However, it is important that the tru-folk stand with the Christians against the Islamicist. The Temple at Upsala was ravaged enough by the Christians, and we’ve seen what the Islamicist did to Buddahist statues, what they would do to the last of our faith is too horrible to contemplate.

    I just wish I was there with those men to stand with them. I would not have blocked out my own image. I would stand proud in my attacks on that sick cult started by a violent, insane, pedophile.


    PS: And don’t make any mistakes here: I AM NOT a nice man.

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