Open Season on Salman Rushdie – SHAME ON MUSLIM EXTREMISTS!

Yet again Salman Rushdie is a marked man. I remember growing up, when I was six, watching TV reports about him being threatened with beheading by Iranian Ayatollah. What is Rushdie’s crime? Writing a book. Just a damn book

As of 2005, the original fatwa issued by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, is confirmed by Iranian government to be still in force. These animals are just like Inquisition, burning people at the stake alive for writing blasphemous prose!


The fact is, if Christians behaved like Muslims, then Pope would have declared Tom Hanks a dead man in 2006, when Da Vinci Code was released. The intolerance for any disagreement with postulates of Islam is sickening.

Why is it that I can go on TV, make up the worst kind of lies about let us say Buddha, and I will not be in danger of having my head sliced off by a crowd of deranged Buddhists?

All religions are created equal – even Islam. Muslims do not have the right to threaten or kill those who make fun of their religion! Their religion is not special, it is just like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Krishnaism, Judaism, any-other-ism.

Let us observe the body count: Theo Van Gogh killed,  Aryan Hirsi threatened, The Denmark Cartoon riots claimed lives of 5 people, including children….. What sort of sick, intolerant ideology can bring people to riot over a damn cartoon?

Islam today is the Inquisition Reincarnate – with sadistic torture chambers, violent misogyny, death for homosexuals, cruelty and intolerance to anyone who dares to disagree. West does have its own problems, true, but in comparison with Islam it looks like a perfect society. Everything that West is – a society where people are judged not by their gender/sexual orientation/skin color, but on the content of their character – everything that West is, Islam is NOT!


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