Let us ask Iraqis if Iraq War was justified.

Here are excerpts from publicly available results of poll of Iraqis citizens , conducted by BBS and USA Today.

1. Compared to the time before the war in spring 2003, are things
overall in your life much better now, somewhat better, about the same,
somewhat worse, or much worse?
43% – somewhat or much better
22% – same
36% – somewhat or much worse

COMMENT: where is the unanimous discontent that Democrats are so pent-up about? 43% percent think that despite was things are going better – I would say that is incredible!

2. From today’s perspective and all things considered, was it
absolutely right, somewhat right, somewhat wrong, or absolutely wrong that US-led coalition forces
invaded Iraq in spring 2003?
47% – absolutely or somewhat right
53% – absolutely or somewhat wrong
COMMENT: almost half-and-half, with approximately 50% percent thinking that invasion was justified – misspelling another myth, about war being unjust. The people being invaded, too, admit it was just.


  1. jaredmclaughlin said

    A quick comment here. I generally don’t believe in polls due to numerous problems with even the best ones. For them to be usefull at all the scientific background must be very secure. That said, in this one I can see major problems because of cultural differences. I will point out two major problems immediately. Firstly, in my experience Iraqi’s view the war based upon their relationship to Saddam and his regime. If their tribe was liked by Saddam and he gave them jobs and public projects, they don’t like the war. If they were despised and abused by Saddam, they think the war is great. Also Iraqi’s will often answer with what they believe you’d like to hear. It’s not being dishonest, but their culture values different things.

    I’m not saying the war is bad, I think that it is just and good. However, I’m strict on the data that I use to come to that conclusion.

  2. armilnov said

    A poll is always is a poll, an estimation of truth, I agree.
    But this particular poll demonstrates that there is data contradicting widely held belief that all Iraqis hate the war and US. Liberal media did not report about it at all. I am just trying to highlight factual data that is hidden from public.
    After all, this is BBC and USA Today who did it, so there should be some substance to it.

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