USA needs a 3rd party!

Michael Bloomberg officially switched his party registration to “Unaffiliated”, and immediately the country and the news were aflame with speculation that he might run for a President. To me this is a clear confirmation of my long-held belief that neither Republicans nor Democrats are qualified to be representatives of American people.

Republicans time in and out demonstrate that their biggest concern is NOT winning theWar on Terror, but to win on many gray-area ethical issues, such a stem cells and abortion. I cannot understand how in time of grave danger to our country stem cells can be an issue importantanough to warrant a Presidential veto. Is Bush more concerned with stem cells than with Iraq? It certainly seems so!

Democrats, on other hand, betray American troops by moronic position that soldiers fighting Al-Qaeda in streets of Iraq somehow make Al-Qaeda stronger. Didn’t we go into Iraq to find and kill Al-Qaeda in the first place? Well, we got our wish, didn’t we?

Republicans and Democrats are so far apart ideologically that they are incapable of any cooperation whatsoever. They both must be voted out, and a third, Centrist party must take the control. The best examples of who should be in power is Michael Bloomberg (who has been both Democrat and Republican and is wildly popular) and Schwarzenegger.

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