Liberalism worth fighting for and Liberals…

“Two days ago I argued that the left should cleave to the epithet ‘liberal’, on account of the importance of the values liberalism has stood for historically. I did not then enter the reservation that I will enter now: which is that if the word is sometimes held in low esteem, part of the reason for this is the kind of ‘liberalism’ that will lose sight of the need to defend some crucial liberal value in the light of obfuscating considerations.”


There is a saying in Russian: “the Goodness must have fists to defend itself.” The war being fought today is not over oil or territories, I challenge anyone to bring forth any facts or figures from reputable sources saying so. This war is about liberal values of the West and the knee-jerk intolerance they cause in people espousing violent form of Islamist ideology.

The war being fought is being fought over:

1. Rights of gays to be gay (homosexuality is punished by death in Iran).

2. Rights of females to be free in conduct and to be values as equal to men (just look at Saudi Arabia).

3. Right of free speech (think of Danish cartoons – I do not remember last time when Buddhists rioted over jokes about Buddha).

I am a conservative who is NOT a repiblican, because I support liberal idea that all people – gay and straight, women and men – are created equal and should have the freedom to live their life as they see fit. But I am NOT a liberal, because I admit that these values do not just exist – they must be protected and fought for.

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